Private Flights Vs First Class

Private Flights Vs First Class

Surely many people think that traveling on a private or first-class flight is simply a luxury, but a private flight, also known as the charter is an air solution and more in times of quarantine. We confirm that both travel options are exclusive and very comfortable ways of traveling, but there are some differences.

Whether for business reasons, emergencies, holidays, among others, a private flight allows you to arrive on time, even earlier than expected, at your destination, minimizing the number of hours you can be on the plane during the journey. In the first class, considered a luxurious way to travel, it has its advantages, but in the same way, you have to queue at airports, be surrounded by crowds of people and there are other factors that can be uncomfortable on commercial flights.

Hygiene of Private Flights Vs First Class
In this extremely important aspect and today more than ever, we will emphasize that when traveling on a private flight, there will be a private waiting room and crowding will be avoided, while on a commercial flight, even if it is first class, You will need to be surrounded by many people, share the waiting room with other passengers, and stand in long lines to board.
Private aircraft comply with three forms of cleaning to guarantee the safety of passengers, complying with the established sanitary regulations.The three ways are:
Cleaning between flights: A private aircraft can carry out several flights on the same day for the same client and between each of them, the staff who check the cleaning part is in charge of sanitary operations to protect the health of the passengers.
Daily cleaning: Both at the beginning and at the end of operations, the personnel who are in charge of the correct disinfection of the aircraft, clean the spaces, seats, bathrooms, furniture, and everything that is in the air transport.
Thorough cleaning: As if it were maintenance, the aircraft will receive a very special cleaning, both inside and outside, even the seats are removed for a comprehensive wash. With special products, the cockpit of the pilot and copilot, the floor, the bathroom, the furniture, and everything that is in the aircraft will be cleaned to take care of the health of the passengers and the crew.
On the other hand, on a commercial flight, even if it is first class, cleanliness is not taken as a priority between flights and that is due to the delays that occur when the plane is about to take off. They usually take care of the aisles and specific areas, but they do not guarantee that the seat and the back of the head where you are going to sit is sanitized.
We emphasize that prior to this time of the pandemic, hygiene studies were carried out on commercial flights where it was shown that intensive and deep cleaning could not be done frequently, but after the passage of several flights, due to travel schedules. that did not allow proper sanitation. Superficial cleaning is generally carried out and this is surely an issue for which some governments have not allowed the opening of commercial flights at airports.

Private Flight Security Vs First Class
When you are traveling on a commercial airplane, you will have to walk through many security checks, from when you enter the first door until you are about to board.
There is a big difference in terms of time and security standards in a private trip since it is only necessary to be 15 minutes in advance, in some cases 30 minutes, in which the people who are going to travel will have a waiting room Private and at the security control, a single check will be carried out on each passenger and luggage so that they can proceed to board.
We highlight the previous point of hygiene and sanitary regulations since it will not be necessary to surround yourself with a large number of people and the private aircraft will go through a cleaning process before it is boarded.
The attention of Private Flights Vs First Class
In both travel options, the attention from the crew team will be excellent, but with a difference, since on a private flight, the passenger and their companions on that trip are the protagonists of a story that will last several hours, from the moment they enter. to the airport until you reach your destination. The requirements demanded by the clients will be fulfilled by the crew team and that includes personalized service, V.I.P attention so that this travel experience is perfect for them.
The comfort of Private Flights Vs First Class
Every time the new private aircraft that come onto the market offer greater comfort for passengers, especially in terms of seats, cabin space, and the feel of turbulence.
On both types of flights, when boarding it is very likely that passengers will be greeted with a glass of champagne or some other drink as a welcome and the comfortable seats will be waiting for you. In some cases, there is the possibility that the seats are made of leather.
However, when we talk about a private flight and it is a much more personalized service, the private plane could be counted on with a kitchen, furniture, television, Wi-Fi, beds, comfortable bathrooms, and depending on the profile of the passengers, the aircraft Ideally, it could offer a comfortable space for business, for video-conferencing, quiet cabins that prevent engine noise, and catering tailored to the tastes of passengers.

Private Flight Schedules Vs First Class
At this point, the advantage is with private flights, as passengers will take the plane according to their own time and planning, which includes the day they want to travel and also the time, while on a commercial flight of first-class the flight date is already established and whoever wishes to fly by that means will adapt to that schedule. It should be noted that, in general, first-class commercial flights are subject to certain conditions, so sometimes they are not in control regarding the availability of tickets, schedules, fixed itineraries, routes and have many security controls at airports. In the case of private flights, they offer a much more personalized service, with a wide range of possibilities and configurations that adjust to the requirements of each client, which includes schedules, itineraries, routes, catering, among others.

Catering of Private Flights Vs First Class
In both options, the catering will be of excellent quality, but there is a great detail that adds enormous value to private flights and that is that as it is a personalized service, a wide range of catering requests can be agreed, from birthday cakes up to a specific brand of mineral water. And in a first-class seat on a commercial flight, generally what they offer onboard are executive meals, portions of desserts, sandwiches, cold cuts, champagne, soft drink, coffee, only what the airline usually offers will be available.

Private Flight Terminals Vs First Class
In the previous points, we touched on this topic, but now we will extend it a little more so that when deciding whether to take a private or commercial flight, you have all the information at hand and are aware of the benefits.
We will start with the primordial ones. On a charter flight, you will avoid a large number of people and the spaces are not very crowded, in fact, there are airports in some cities that only receive and monitor private aircraft, so their landing strips can be near or within the city, not necessarily on the outskirts, so the final destination would be much closer.
The control check is simple and there is no need to wait long lines, so there are no delays in this regard, and V.I.P. attention will be provided. In addition, there is an option in which you could even avoid entering the airport and its common areas, it is that an exclusive vehicle, be it a car, truck, limousine, among others, takes passengers to the doors of the plane to board and the control check would be simpler. It is an option that can be used both on departure and arrival.

Cost of Private Flights Vs First Class
It should be noted that, in a private jet, the price is related to all the advantages offered to passengers and is more exclusive than a first-class seat, despite the fact that when flying in a private aircraft, the entire space is rented. air transport and that is where the key is when deciding whether to take a charter flight or a seat in first class. For example, in a commercial airplane, each first-class seat has its price, so if two people are going to travel, they will have to pay double, while in a private airplane the price will be maintained. The same will happen if more people are going to travel.
Let’s do an example, let’s imagine that five people are going to travel, either for vacation or business. They have the option of private flight or first-class seats on a commercial jet. The rental of the private aircraft costs USD 5,000, while each first-class seat costs USD 1,500. If those five people who are going to travel decide to divide the payment of the private flight equally, each one would pay USD 1,000, since they are renting the entire aircraft, while, if they decided to go first class, each would pay USD 1,500, making a total of USD 7,500.
We hope that this site has given you a clearer vision, if you are thinking of traveling by private flight or first class flight.
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